Welcome to my Blog.  I’m an author, Healthcare IT professional, Independent Team Beachbody Coach, Professional Belly Dancer, and 15 year Migraine Sufferer.  My hobbies are stain glass, acrylic painting, B2B Marketing, and electronic music creation.  I’m from the U.P. of Michigan and now live in the L.P. of Michigan.  I’m what you would call a transplanted Yooper down living below the bridge with all the Trolls!

I went to Northern Michigan University for around 10 years.  I obtained 2 B.S. degrees one from the Walker Cisler College of Business, CIS Analysis and Design and the other as a Clinical System Analyst.  In addition, I completed the necessary course work as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. (MLT).  I am ASCP certified as an MLT.  In 2010, I graduated with my MBA from Central Michigan University with an emphasis on Healthcare IT.  As part of my program I studied SAP and also emerged with my TERP10 certification in SAP 6.0.  At this point, I’m done with schooling, but have tossed around the idea of going back for a PhD.  However, it doesn’t seem a very financially sound proposition at this time.

I moved downstate about 7 years ago in search of Laboratory Information Technology work.  I worked as Lab IT in Midland for the last 7 years or so.  In addition, I was moonlighting at other out-of-state hospitals after hours helping with LIS system maintenance, etc.   Now, I work in Saginaw, Standish and Tawas helping to support, maintain and keep the LIS current with the latest for meaningful use requirements.  I enjoy my IT job, but it involves a LOT of desk time.

Outside of my IT career, I enjoy teaching Belly Dance to intro students at a local community center.  My methods of teaching are designed to give the students the basics of dance, costuming, etc. and then help them develop the confidence to begin creating their own version of dances.  Students who wish to perform are encouraged to do so AND I am willing to take them to various shows with me.  I encourage my students to experience different teachers, props, and styles.  Eclectic belly dance is important to me.  In addition to teaching, I am part owner of Bellydance Addicts LLC, which is a private company designed for private dance instruction as well as performances.  My partner Bree and I dance duets as well as group numbers (depending on the audience) and we dance a variety of styles.   We are available for big shows as well as smaller private gatherings.  We’ve dance for everything from a retirement gathering at Art Van to a baby shower.  We always aim to cater our performance toward the audience and we work with our clientage to provide the best possible experiences.

The most recent of my endeavors has been Independent Team Beachbody Coach.  I became involved in Team Beachbody with my sister.  We did the workouts, the meal plans, and my favorite Shakeology.  I’ve always been a fitness buff, enjoying to run but never being “great” at it.  Getting back to it after having the last baby and being pregnant for 2 years preceding that ending in nothing but miscarriages, was difficult.  I’d gained more weight than I’d wanted to and running was tough.  After starting TurboFire, I also bought Insanity the Asylum, and Rockin Body.  One of my packs came with this Shakeology stuff.  We do a lot of homemade protein shakes in the house but after reading the bag of Shakeology I decided this was WAY better.  With prebiotic, probiotic and a slew of natural ingredients to help weight loss, cravings, energy levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. I though this was better than anything I could make in my blender on my own.  So, when my sister asked me to help her in her business, I was game.  I didn’t actually think I’d make any money helping her and helping other people in their fitness journey, but BOY was I WRONG!!!  IT’s been a great and fulfilling 2nd income and I enjoy this job almost as much, if not more than my IT Job.  If you’re interested in learning more about Shakeology, the workouts, the Beachbody Challenge, or becoming a coach on my team, please feel free to contact me.  I’m always looking for like-minded individuals to join my challenges and/or coaching team.  My coaching team, much like my challenge team, works together closely to share resources so we can all succeed  (www.beachbodycoach.com/meiz )

Lately, I help my honey do some in-person business to business marketing.  I’ve learned a lot helping him market his product to partner with other business.  It provides me an opportunity to interact with other people, in a way I hadn’t done since marketing hosting plans for Web Media Works.  I find the B2B marketing to be rather fulfilling and entertaining at the same time.

I tease that I have educational ADD, but really I am just super high energy and interested in a variety of things.  I enjoy learning and trying new things.  Each challenge placed in front of me is just another opportunity to learn and grow.  My migraines, which have been mostly untreatable, hold me back …but only a little.  I tell people that they are a gift from God because without these migraines to hold me down, nothing will.  I get 2 to 3 migraines a week.  With only one or so per month actually landing me in bed.  I refuse to give into my migraines and I’ve aimed to take back my life!  I have a section of my blog dedicated toward this part of myself.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and take the time to actually connect with me.  I love meeting new people and discussing topics.  Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions OR make comments.